Monday, March 23, 2009


Dear Companies:

Please rethink your philosophy of doing limited editions and specials. On the market are more limited editions then inline stuff. The inline products are more limited nowadays then the limited products. Your inline products are good enough to serve the market. Please rethink your distributions sometimes. Does it make sense to have your highest and limited products in the same city at 10 retailers in one area? No need to deliver every shop with the same. Try to work closer with your existing customers. Give them the feeling of loyalty. Your own shops are good too. But own shops can not build trends and demands like ours. And it gives the feeling of doing direct business without the existing shops. Together we can reach more.

Dear Shops:

If you just opened or just want to open. Please do not buy in stuff you can not sell. At the end you will do massive sales. This is not good for the whole market. You educate your customers to buy only at your sale days. Please rethink if you like to open something what the world do not needs now. Be creative and find other ways then others are doing. Check the local needs and build your business on this. I am sure you will love to be different and companies will thank you.

Dear Customers:

It is always understandable to buy things cheap. I do this too. But long time business can’t survive without margins. So if you like to do something good, try to support your local shops as much as possible. Even if you can get sometimes things somewhere cheaper online. But if it is only some bucks then please support your local dealer, it is like food for living for shops. Shops are loyal to customers even willing to give in-house discounts to frequent buyers.

I know this sounds like a socialistic market or too idealistic. But we have to work together. I do not want to hear someday that the big companies are closing down. All is possible nowadays. But not only negative things…we like to see the positive things. I am now going to buy me some new trainers!

Cheers, Hikmet. (SOLEBOX)

Hypebeast recently did an article with some of the industries owners of brands or retailers asking about their views and opinions on the current state of our economic situation. This was a very good read and you can check it out here.



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