Saturday, January 3, 2009

In Color Premiere

On Monday December 29th The Denver Shop premiered their new video "In Color" at the Mayan Theatre. Since The Mayan is only half a block away we offered our storefront as a gathering place for the homies to start the night out. Well that quickly turned into "almost a bad idea".....
We survived and at 9pm sharp proceeded to give everyone the boot and trek over to the theatre where a larger crowd had already amassed. I poached most of these photos off Skiegens blog because my photos turned out pretty blurry due to Crown Royal. So big ups Mike!Monico was just slightly excited and also had one of the best parts.Tony, A Fresh Prince of Aurora sighting and its always great to see Mr. Steve Irons.Greg and Joey held it down haaard.Whitney skating to Dipset was pretty legit.Brothers circa '98Noel even came all the way back from Seattle to wave at me.

This was easily the best video to come out of Colorado this year. Props to Tony, Whitney and all the Denver Shop crew for making it happen. Copies are available at The Denver Shop and we are supposed to have some on the way here too......also Tony you should bring me one of these shirts

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