Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Akomplice Early Vote Session

This Thursday October 30: 11am-6pm. Akomplice will be hosting two parties simultaneously. One in Boulder @ Installation & the other in Denver @ Red Room. The party will have live music and limousines driving to and from the the voting polls (which are both located within 3 blocks of the parties). This way people are actually casting their votes and not just talking about it. To add icing to the cake, after you return with proof that you voted you will be given free Akomplice gear and 15% off sneakers from Installation. So come drink, dance, ride in limousines, get free gear, and avoid the rush of election day by casting your vote early.

Locations: Red Room, 320 E. Colfax, Denver CO 80203
Installation Shoe Gallery, 1955 Broadway, Boulder CO 80301.
DJs: Sounds Supreme, Lowkey, B-Money, and Squirt.

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Anonymous said...

Yo thanks for posting this. Meant to send it to the Speak but got busy. PEACE!
DF* DenverFrank.....WORD!