Monday, September 29, 2008

That's It, That's All premiere Denver

Let me start by saying Im not too sure I was prepared for the overall quality of this event. When Lando called to tell us that he and Travis Rice were heading to town for their new snowboard video premiere sure I was pumped because I knew we would be having a great time with one of my oldest homies. What I failed to realize was the magnitude of the production put into this particular video. This video changes everything. The cinematography, editing, and the overall feel of the video is just on a different level. It was described as snowboarding meets the show Planet Earth and thats exactly what it is. Not only that but they held the premiere at the Performing Arts Center Opera House. The place was packed with nearly 2200 people. I dont know how you get the go-ahead to hold a snowboard premiere in a venue like that, but like I said about the production of this thing............heres some pics from the show and afterparty as well as the teaser.


Anonymous said...

damn, looks legit as fuck!


looks good. good looks.